Wie Philippe Blatter Chinas Fussball revolutioniert | Handelszeitung.ch

Wie Philippe Blatter Chinas Fussball revolutioniert | Handelszeitung.ch

Infront Sports & Media and philippe blatter

philippe blatter (http://www.handelszeitung.ch/unternehmen/wie-philippe-blatter-chinas-fussball-revolutioniert-932169) has substantially enhanced Infront Sports & Media ever since being selected as CEO & President. The outcomes speak for themselves: the businessman has assisted in the improvement of a corporation that is unquestionably international and employs over 900 workers. With a renewal rate of more than 90%, the the vast majority of the business's 170 collaborations with rights holders have been exceptionally successful. Owed to Philippe Blatter’s hard work, Infront Sports & Media is at this time one of the most revered sports marketing groups on the planet.

Philippe Blatter’s Achievements

Philippe Blatter has a Master's in both Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. He is celebrated for his feats as a passionate and committed long-distance triathlete. Numerous well-known sports publications have underlined him as an especially well-respected individual in sports. The Infront Group has been transformed into a high-ranking sports marketing organisation by Philippe Blatter.

Philippe Blatter - Who is he?

He has encouraged extensive growth for Infront since he joined in the year 2005. Philippe Blatter owes a significant amount of his success to his distinct business acumen and enthusiasm for sport. In addition to having worked for a worldwide consulting firm (McKinsey & Company), he has extensive skill in supporting myriad sports firms. Philippe Blatter has an MSc degree through ETH in Zurich, and also an MBA degree from Northwestern University.

Philippe Blatter has generated quality enhancements to Infront Sports & Media ever since becoming the President and CEO in 2005. In almost all his projects, he has encountered massive results. In 1984, at Zurich's Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, he started studying for a Master's in Mechanical Engineering. Philippe Blatter attained an outstanding education before venturing into business.