Marc Ooms |

Marc Ooms |

A while back, he was an example of one of the first to be engaged with research into the performance of the Brussels stock market. At a later time, he made General Partner with a firm which was among the leading independent brokers in all of the country at that point. Marc Ooms (Découvrir la page de Marc Ooms) would stay heavily involved with one of Belgium's most recognised private banking businesses until his retirement back in 2011.

The Fruit Farm Group and Marc Ooms

It is certain that Marc Ooms has had an incredibly constructive impact on The Fruit Farm Group during the course of his efforts with the company. The Fruit Farm Company, alongside the businessman, make an effort to work with local growers and farmers to ensure the high standard of the items they produce to worldwide clients and customers. Marc Ooms, with others, originally built the Fruit Farm Group back in 2014. The organisation has set up a position in six separate countries that span three continents.

Marc Ooms - The Basics

Marc Ooms was given birth to on the 18th of November 1951 in Etterbeek. Currently, he is a loving, nurturing and happy father to three girls and has several grandchildren. The bulk of Marc Ooms's younger years were spent with his family in Brussels.

Long-term sustainability and social commitment are most indispensable to the corporation's strategies. Marc Ooms and other stakeholders are safeguarding the tomorrow of the corporation with long-term sustainability. By working directly with local producers, The Fruit Farm Group and Marc Ooms intend to enrich neighbourhoods. Just like the majority of thriving organisations, The Fruit Farm Group has various exciting, big and bold plans.

Currently, the establishment is a global forerunner in fresh and prepared vegetables and fruits, a sector of which Marc Ooms still holds vivid childhood memories. He got involved in 2011 by becoming an energetic and seasoned Member of the Board. The corporation has grown dramatically in size, with more than 8,200 employees spanning 26 unique countries. Greenyard Foods started out nearly 50 years ago (before Marc Ooms joined) as a pretty modest corporation.

Through the decades, Marc Ooms has accrued a significant interest in the arts. He is a frequent visitor of an assortment of art fairs and museums. Marc Ooms maintains a close focus on the contemporary art industry to remain informed concerning the hottest art. He treasures both the performing and the visual arts.